Take Action to Protect Hosting in Jersey City

Jersey City’s new ordinance will effectively ban Airbnb. If the ordinance goes into effect:

  • Renters, who make up 70% of Jersey City residents, will not be allowed to host, even if they have the landlords permissions

  • Short-term rentals will be illegal in buildings larger than 4 units

  • Owner occupied properties will have overly complicated licensing requirements with 55+ individual requirements, making it incredibly hard if not impossible to get a short-term rental permit

  • Hosts who followed the 2015 law passed by Mayor Fulop and the City Council, which legalized Airbnb, will have to shut down their properties

  • Over 1,100 jobs that support the short-term rental industry will be lost, $4 Million in tax revenue will disappear, and $110+ Million in revenue to local business from Airbnb guests will evaporate.

Vote No on Municipal Question 1 on November 5th

After collecting over 20,000 signatures opposing Jersey City’s ban on Airbnb, residents will have the opportunity to vote on the ordinance. Help us stop the ban on Airbnb by voting No to Municipal Question 1.

Register to vote here. You must register by October 15th to vote on November 5th. If you are unable to register to vote, you can vote by mail by requesting a mail in ballot on line 14.